The economic effectiveness of the self-loading hauling rigs' work


Y. S. Andrianov. (Russia, Yoshkar-Ola, Mari State University OF Technical )


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Lately the use of the hauling rigs with hang hydraulic manipulators by the timber hauling is broadened. The Mari El Republic is the striking example of it in Russia. The held researches show that the forming of the self-loading wood means of transport in many cases is made by the enterprise by intuition because of lack of the methodical elaborations and recommendations. And also there is no information regarding the economic effectiveness of the work of such kind of hauling rigs. As a rule, the exploitation of the being lumber carriers is realized with infringement of the main technical characteristics.

Taking into considerations this fact, we have fulfiled the following work:

        We have studied the local relief, the conditions of the roads' building and the roads' state;

        We have elaborated the methodical propositions and recommendations by the staffing of the self-loading timber lorry hauling rigs; by the rigging of the self-loading timber lorry hauling rigs by the hang loading mechanism and by the other timber lorry technological equipment; by the determination of the economic effectiveness of the self-loading timber lorry hauling rigs;

        We have offered the based trucks to form the hauling rigs and the perspective schemes and the trains for the republic's conditions;

        The hang manipulators are recommended.

The scheme "hauling truck + trailer" is the most acceptable scheme of the hauling rig by the transportation of assortiment owing to some advantages. The allocation of the loading mechanism on the hauling rig is possible in two places: in the back part of the hauling truck or in the front part of the trailer. The possible value of the useful load depends on it. In the second case the useful load will be increased by 7,517,6% depending on the train.

The economic effectiveness of the above mentioned hauling rigs is determined. The same trains without loading mechanisms, but with large loads are taken into account as the based variant. The use of the being log loaders and cranes in the republic is stipulated on its loading and unloading.

The calculation annual economic effect of the use of the proposed self-loading hauling rigs is 515115 000 rb depending on the train and the distance of timber hauling. The self-loading hauling rigs are effective by the distances of timber hauling up to 7095 km.